Saturday, March 26, 2011

If you're ever bored

Just thought I'd promote my boredom killer number 1 (number 2 if you count Minecraft) (number 3 if you count studies), League of Legends. For you gaming enthusiasts (gamers) out there who might have played Defense of the Ancients or Heroes of Newerth, this is kind of similar. Expect here you don't get verbally abused each time you make a tiny mistake, and you can lose without having the urge to kick a kitten and punch a puppy.

Like DOTA and HoN, the essence of the game is basically to destroy the opposing team's base. The teams consists of 3 or 5 players, and each player picks a champion (there are 72 in total, and growing) before the game. Every champion is unique and contributes to the team in their own way, giving you an endless amount of possibilites when setting up your team. The thing that makes LoL really stand apart from similar games is the Influence Points-feature (IP). IP is LoLs ingame currency and is earned after every game, regardless of outcome (though you of course get more if you win). This is used to buy champions and Runes, and give you a more close relationship with your champions (pardon my freaky-ness), than in DOTA or HoN were the characters are all avaliable at all times.

Really don't feel like going in to more detail at this point, as you can get a much better overview at their webpage. But I'll certainly make more posts in the future for worshipping this game. Yeah, and I forgot... IT'S FREE TO PLAY!

Here's their own cinematic trailer, which is just brilliant

Forgive me for what seems to be an unfinished posts, but I'll be back

Friday, March 25, 2011

Symphony of Science I

The YouTube user melodysheep have for some time now been composing and editing a series of music videoes called Symphony of Science. Instead of me explaining the whole concept of the series I suggest you check the video to the right.

I'm not joking when I say that these videoes give me an unique feeling of calm and ecstasy. Many of the featured scientists, like Carl Sagan (RIP) and Richard Dawkins, really conveis the importance of science in our society. I'll certainly make more posts regarding these videoes later on, but don't hesitate to check out rest of the series.

Album of the Week: Scurrilous

Only three days old and already proving to be one of the most ambitious metal releases this year. Scurrilous is the third studio album from the canadian progressive metal band Protest the Hero.

There's a more personal approach this time, considering their more mysterious previous release, Fortress, which I'll certainly promote here in the near future. I reckon the more personal lyrics will appeal to the majority of listeners pretty easy. The riffing on the other hand is what made Protest the Hero a big hit among (but not limited to) musicians, and it's still a schizofrenic and technical rollercoaster ride throughout the whole album.
I encourage everyone to give this a listen and especially progressive metal fans who somehow haven't discovered this epic gem yet. Beneath is a link to one of their Youtube-releases from the new album, aswell as an link to the album.